The Best Baseball Bat For Kids

The best baseball bat for kids is one that is light enough for the player to be able to hold steady while in a batting stance and can swing quickly when he pulls the trigger. There are numerous reasons weight is the key factor to choosing a bat, but for a kid he/she must be able to control the bat while learning the basic mechanics of hitting 9nine Sports.

Bats are sized at the factory and displays length, in inches, and the weight, in ounces. There is also another measurement stamped on the bat and this number represents the weight in ounces less the length in inches of the bat.

That’s rather a mind bender so I’ll repeat it once again slowly. What this means for instance is a bat that is 30 inches long and stamped a “-10” weighs 20 ounces. This is an accurate method to identify the weight of the bat for the consumer and player. As a rule of thumb try to purchase a bat marked “-10” or lighter for a youth.

Sample Table for Sizing a Bat – sizing bat

There is no stead fast rule for what size bat fits what size player anymore than a certain glove will fit everyone age so & so, but you need a starting point.

Age 5 through 7 Tee ball = 25″ to 27″, -9 to -13

Age 7 through 8 = 26″ or 27″, -10 or lighter

Age 8 through 9 = 27″ to 29″, -10 or lighter

Age 9 through 12 = 28″ to 31″, -10 or lighter

Age 12 through 15 = 29″ to 33″, -9 or lighter

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